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Not only boots, if you choose to organize your vacation on a motorcycle


Accessories for your vacation on a motorbike

If you are organizing your vacation on a motorbike, around the world, this is the place for you.

If you are organizing your vacation on a motorbike, around the world, this is the place for you.

Because other than maps, backpacks, kits etc, there is a further detail that you have to pay attention to before leaving: your shoes. It is often thought that motorcyclists always wear only boots to travel on their two wheels, but in reality, it is not like that. It isn’t necessary to wear only boots to face a journey on a bike. Slip ons also are ideal companions for a vacation on the road. Praticals and reading are the perfect partner for a solo journey, darting against the wind. On the seat of your motorbike you can cross Malaysia, Thailand, Mongolia, Siberia o any other destination you want to reach.

A loafer in vegetable calf with Tejus print is the ideal choice for the man with a particular style, who nevertheless loves the classicism of more formal models. The upper part of the shoe, with its original texture, transforms the loafer to a gritty product, rich in personality. The glossiness gives a touch of glam to the entire look, turning the most usual and everyday combinations into a mix of boldness and trend.


Jo Ghost Style

What to bring and what to wear

An experienced motorcyclist usually chooses the best safety clothing, especially when it comes to long journeys : for example, Gore-Tex trousers, Kevlar jackets with reinforces , high boots (sometimes knee-length).But if your idea of travel is more casual, calm, more “touristy”, then you can treat yourself to the luxury of an outfit that reflects your daily wear, while maintaining the right balance: remember that it is a good idea to stay well covered with durable fabrics (such as sturdy jackets and jeans). Of course, the choice of shoe is also a good starting point.

 Boots still remain the most loved shoes. If you are looking for a particular model, suitable for the current hot season, focus on the light blue boots made of ayers python layers. A rich geometric composition on the upper part of the shoe, thanks to the innumerable scales of the leather. Perfect with a casual and well thought of look,it is characterized by a series of shades that make the whole model perfect for color lovers and models suitable for every situation. Based on the different outfits offered, the ankle boot is able to adapt to more casual situations or formal contexts.