Italian Quality

Craftsmanship, experience, tradition. Shoes with a strong, decisive and bold soul.

Luxury and tradition

Choosing the right pair of shoes means to take an intimistic experience expressing a very often hidden side of oneself, revealing a part of one’s personality. But it also means giving space to emotions and letting the shoes themselves tell us our mood, of that precise moment. We are always looking for something that can surprise us, make us fall in love. Choosing the right pair of shoes means observing every single detail with a careful eye, therefore, from the high quality of the leather to the meticulous craftsmanship, and letting every detail talk about us.

01 The Origins

The Jo Ghost brand was born in Montegranaro in the Marche region (Italy) in 1972 on thanks to Mario Finocchi, who currently leads the company together with his sons Paola and Mauro. Based on the many years of experience acquired by Mario, who was already twenty-one working with his father in the family factory and then continuing his work in another large company in Montegranaro. Then, he decided to open his own business starting from a very small structure in the historic center of the city. From the very beginning he produced men’s shoes, initially supported by a wholesaler. The company gradually grew. It participated in the most important fairs of the 1970s: Civitanova Marche, Santa Cristiana, Riva del Garda and Milan.

02 Strong and contemporary style

Jo Ghost collections for men and women are totally Made in Italy and stand out for the high quality of the materials chosen and the scrupulous care during the various stages of the production chain. The experience of the master craftsmen and the care towards every minimum detail are the advantages of these products, recognizable in each model.

03 Company

Jo Ghost is a brand owned by the Princes shoe factory, founded in 1965 in Montegranaro, a small medieval village in the province of Fermo (Italy).

04 Uniqueness

The man wearing Jo Ghost is the one who dares to challenge the conventions and show his strong, determined, eccentric and eclectic side, choosing a collection that knows how to interpret a desire for originality and uniqueness. The Jo Ghost woman recognizes herself in a bold spirit, free from conventions. She is eager to get out of the daily routine and re-emerge in a universe of novelties, a world in constant evolution.

05 Craftsmanship

Vegetable tanning, hand-colored buffing and some shoe washing techniques are just some of the methods used during the production of Jo Ghost shoes and boots collections, which enrich each product and make it a unique piece, almost like collection.